Friday, March 22, 2013

A PhoneGap + jQuery Mobile App

We have made a phonegap app. We used jquery mobile to build the UI, which saves us much time during the development.

The app is now running on iOS, android, windown phone.

The client is desirous to make the application work in different platforms, such as Android, iOS , WindowsPhone. This cross-platform application should include the functions such as a native-like UI, manipulating remote data, taking picture from both camera and photo library, saving configuration locally, uploading files and so on.

To see more details and screenshots:

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  1. Hey Leo I think you are spot on with the previous article about Who Is Murdering PhoneGap (jQM). I am curious though, why did you choose jQM to build your UI on this new PhoneGap application? Did the benefits outweigh the cons in this situation?



  2. Hello, I just discovered this blog and am excited to read through more of your articles this weekend. The first article that I read though was about how jQM is a bad idea for PG apps, so I'd like to echo Ross' question above. Can you please talk about the difference between jQM and, say, the framework your team was building?

  3. I read the jQM blog post as well, and I've been wondering the same thing.

  4. Yes I echo all the three questions above....why use jquery if its not good....

    I read one more blog post bashing jquery mobile..I am not taking sides yet till I understand the arguments fully well...
    Is it that JQM has become a necessary evil, because of lack of an alternative and the sheer no. of features it offers...however badly coded they may be?

    Looking forward to hear your viewpoint on the same...

  5. Leo, can we please get a response?

  6. Thanks everyone for your questions. The reason is really simple: our client requested us do it using jquery mobile.

    Our company is doing software outsourcing. jQuery mobile is really famous. And some of our phonegap projects are started from half way, so we even cannot suggest. Actually, we suffered a lot from jquery mobile, for which I plan to write a new post describing how we suffered.

    1. Thanks for the reply Leo. I like jQuery Mobile but it certainly has many downsides. One thing that really bugs me are the changes to the API in new releases that don't have a "shim" to allow older code to work with the newer versions. On top of that sometimes the documentation doesn't get updated so you're on your own to figure it out.